Aria Impresario is a 2006 bay purebred Arabian stallion. From the time anyone first laid eyes on him to today, Aria Impresario is without question, one of the most impressive Arabian stallions the breed has, or will ever know.


Who can forget him as a yearling colt when he debuted at Scottsdale, winning his Yearling Colt class unanimously, the Junior Colt Championship unanimously, and then, as a yearling, being crowned Scottsdale Supreme Champion, a feat he would repeat later in his life, making him the only horse to do so twice in the history of the Scottsdale Show.


As a sire, he can be counted on to sire foals with that trademark Impresario carriage, movement, and a one-of-kind shoulder, neck and throat-latch. Most significantly, any trainer who has ever trained and shown an Impresario baby will tell you that they consistently have the best show ring attitudes, charisma, and carriage that make them a joy to train, show, and simply to have in the barn to enjoy. Any true breeder knows that we must maintain an awareness and focus on the complete horse, not just breeding for a single trait or two. Impresario, when taking into account total get produced, is the leading sire of winners at Scottsdale and U.S. Nationals over the last three years. He's a historical horse sure to make a significant impact on generations of Arabian horses to come.


Aria Impresario

Marwan Al Shaqab x GC Echlectica


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